7 Facebook Tips To Boost Your Reach, With Mari Smith

A few weeks ago, Mari Smith, who’s one of the top Social Media marketers in the world, achieved her biggest organic reach in her history using Facebook.

She reached over 345,000 people, with 3,100+ shares, which is double her previous high.

Mari understands how to create huge engagement and use your Facebook page organic reach, with devastating results. Lucky for us, last week, she identified the seven key factors that resulted in this huge spike, and she shared the seven lessons with her Facebook fans.

And I thought that it would be super-helpful for you to see them, so you can head into 2015 with a solid Facebook marketing strategy.

Here they are:


This is probably one of the biggest turnarounds in the world of Social Media.

I’ve also been told by “experts” that the more posts you publish, the better your reach and the better your relationship with fans/followers.

But Mari has turned this strategy on its head and said that you should publish fewer posts, even skipping a day or two!!

She uses the example, by saying that nobody wants to wake up first thing in the moment, browse Facebook to see your posts; they want to know what their friends and family have been doing.

It’s all about testing to find your sweet spot, and determine what your fans/followers would like to see.

For example, you SHOULD be posting much more often if you’re an:

  • Industry site, such as Social Media, Examiner etc.
  • News sites, such as Mashable, The Telegraph etc.
  • High community driven pages

Otherwise, the vast majority of business/brand Pages would do well to post 1-2x/day at most.


If you’re not scheduling your posts, then you’re missing a trick.

You need to determine what times people engage most with you. Maybe you’ll find that it’s during the night (especially if you’re selling amnesia pills – that was one my jokes, not Mari’s) or maybe weekends are a better time to reach your audience, especially if you run a bar/club.

Do your research and exploit the perfect time.


Stop with the “overly promotional” rubbish.

Facebook are strongly cutting down on over-hyped posts which are classed as too promotional, and giving them less priority on the News Feed.

If you remember my previous blog post about Facebook’s huge survey where they asked their users about their Facebook experience; they’ve made some serious ad rule changes, and this is one.

Simple rule. Come to the party and be interesting, fun and engaging.

Don’t come to the party and try to drive everyone away by screaming at them.


Do you ever wonder what to post?

I mean, like images, text, video? Which gets the best engagement?

Well, photo’s are still getting the biggest organic reach, especially if they’re interesting, funny or educational, yet the reach for native links is still climbing (this happens if you post a link, when an automatic shows a website preview with an image, title and descriptions).

And the big one, which is growing like crazy?

Video. Video is going to be huge in 2015!!


It’s so common with Facebook, that we post stuff to our business page due to not knowing what to post. So we end up sharing filler stuff, just to keep our page updated which doesn’t resonate with our audience at all.

Marie is adamant that context is key, and that quality, relevant, timely and newsworthy posts are much more important, even if they are a few days apart.


This was peaked my interest, it’s a real ninja trick.

Mari mentioned that you should craft your Page posts in a way that make your fans look good when they share it.

How often do people share stuff just to look smart and intelligent to their friends? All of the time.

For some industries, this is really difficult.

Mari mentioned that one of her students was asking about a contest to win a free oil change at the local car dealership, entry conditions on liking, commenting and sharing the post. How many people get excited by the thought of some fresh oil? Hmm…

The trick is to come up with your own unique angle to trigger your audience to want to engage with you. Maybe that’s likes, sometimes comments and sometimes shares.


This is interesting …

One of Facebook’s newest algorithm signals tracks how quickly your audience starts engaging with your content. The quicker your fans like, comment and share, the more organic News Feed visibility you receive. It’s called the “speed of engagement” and if you hit the ground running, Facebook will bump you up the News Feed, getting you in front of more people.

That’s it!

I found this incredibly interesting, and Mari knows her stuff!

It seems that organic social media marketing is certainly changing, but staying at the front of the pack is without doubt, the way to stride forward.

Have a brilliant day

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