8 Hacks To Manage Your Facebook Page Like A Pro

Here’s 8 top tips to harness the power of your business Facebook page and ensure that you run it like a pro – make sure you post your thoughts (or any others) at the bottom of the page!

1 – Manage Tabs

Did you know that you could change the order of your tabs? Maybe to highlight some active promotions or to drive your Facebook followers to opt-ins or sales pages. Pretty impressive, huh.

To change the order, you simply drag your tabs from side-to-side until you’re happy with the order, or if you click the ‘more’ tab – you can drag some different elements in, for example, maybe you would like to have your Twitter link in there, or maybe your LinkedIn link.

This is a great way of bouncing some traffic around and ensuring the every square-inch of your page is driving them towards your end goal 

2 - Pin To Top

Are you running a promotion or have one particular post that is getting much more engagement than any others? Then pinning it to the top of your page ensures that it will be visible to more people, and get much more attention.

To do this, simply click the down arrow in the top right hand corner of your post, and click ‘pin this post’.

It will then sit at the top of your page until you unpin it.

3 - Scheduled Posts

Do you feel the pressure of going onto your Facebook page all of the time to post fresh updates and content? Does it drive you mad?

Then did you know that you can schedule posts, meaning that you can organise a weeks worth of posts at the same time, making it easy to manage your time and not get distracted on Facebook.

On the bottom left corner of your post, click the little clock icon and choose the date and time that you’d like your update posted.

Once your post has been scheduled, you can always view it as well as any other scheduled posts in the Activity section.

4 - Posting Ability

Do you like your fans/followers/users posting to your Facebook page?

Do you ever get those spam posts where other people are trying to sell to your audience, or get irrelevant posts that anger you?

Then you have ability to turn on/off the posting abilities at any time, ensuring that you’re in complete control of your page.

Head to your ‘Settings’ menu and click ‘Edit the right to Posting Ability’ – you will then be able to choose if the general public can post to your timeline or not. Simples.

5 - Reviews

Have you been left a bad review? Maybe it’s unfair or a jealous competitor? Then don’t worry as you have the ability to turn reviews on/off at any time.

Head to the Page Info/Address section in your ‘Settings’

Click Edit to the right of the Address and you have the option to show Maps, Check-ins and Star ratings. Simply check the box to turn them on, or uncheck the box to turn them off.

6 - Notifications

Ping, Ping Ping.

Sick of constantly being notified every time that somebody ‘likes’ your page?

Fear not, as you can turn off and edit how often you receive notifications at any time.

There are several options for how often you receive notifications. On Facebook itself, you get notified every time that there is activity on your page or an important update; you could get a notification every 12-24 hours with a full update, or you could even turn the notifications off completely.

Simply click ‘Settings’ and then ‘Notifications’ and choose your preferred option.

7 - Page Roles

Hired a social media manager, or want to give page access to somebody else?

Maybe a new member of staff or a Facebook ad specialist – then it’s really easy.

First, you can add a new Admin by heading to the ‘Page Roles’ section in your ‘Settings’.

There are several different roles that you can choose from:

Admin – As much control as you, so be careful who you hand this power to
Editor – They can edit the page, send messages, post as the page and create ads, but they can’t delete the page or make big decisions – great for staff!
Moderator – They can respond to and delete comments, send messages and create posts, comments and adverts.
Advertiser – They can just create Ads – but nothing else.
Analyst – This would mean that they can just see the insights and stats

8 - Delete Apps

Facebook page Apps come and go, but they don’t delete themselves, so you need to keep a close eye on what you’ve added to your page and delete where necessary.

To delete an App, head to the ‘App's section in your ‘Settings’ and delete by clicking the ‘X’ button.

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