Would You Like My Help To Review Your Current Facebook Ad Campaign, Identify The Problem Areas And Help You Make an Array Of Conversion-Boosting Changes?

Very often, I hear people (especially PTs) saying stuff like:

“I just can’t get my Facebook Ads converting”
they don’t work for me”.

Frustratingly, when I look a bit closer at their campaigns, it’s often one or two tiny mistakes that are letting the rest down and demolishing their results.

But it’s not a surprise.

You see, the thing with Facebook ads is they’re not complicated to set up. Anybody with simple computer knowledge could set up a Facebook Ad campaign.

The complicated part is turning it into a cash-generating system that you make quick profit from.

With that said; if you currently have a Facebook campaign that’s not quite hitting the mark, then it’s almost definitely a few tiny tweaks.

In fact, I see hundreds of Facebook campaigns each month, and 95% of them just require little fixes and amends, which when solved often double, treble or even quadruple their results, immediately.

Maybe I Can Help You?

My name’s Emma Melhuish.

I’m a Facebook Ad specialist and direct-response marketing strategist that works specifically within the fitness/health & wellness industry, helping a handful of the world’s most influential industry-leaders generate more leads, sales and enquiries.

My Facebook Ad Mastery course has helped hundreds of Personal Trainers and Wellness Professionals to build highly-profitable Facebook campaigns and add a highly sought-after flow of consistent leads to their marketing funnel.

And I reckon I can help you ...

You see, often just a few small changes can make a HUGE difference to your results... I’d like to offer you the opportunity to work with me over an 30 day period as I critique your Facebook campaign, offer advice/solutions and guide you through the process of plugging the gaps.

It’s something that I call …

Facebook Ad Autopsy

Book Your Facebook Autopsy Today

Here’s how it works.

You simply have to apply at the bottom of this page by answering some questions about your current campaign, your aims and where you’re driving the traffic to.

I’ll then review your answers and we’ll arrange a 45-minute Skype call.

On the call, we’ll screen-share so that I can have a deep look through your numbers/ads/targeting/landing pages and all the tiny details.

I’ll then make an array of conversion boosting suggestions, offering you advice and explaining what's stopping your campaign souring and delivering a huge ROI.

I’ll even outline some strategies that you can instantly use to increase your results; maybe it’s by tweaking your ad copy, implementing the dreaded 'FB pixel', adding retargeting or using lookalike audiences – but I’ll overlook the whole campaign and focus on drastically improving your results, QUICKLY.

You'll then have an 30 day window where you can get back in touch with your changes, your questions and get my added input.

I'll be holding your hand throughout the next -weeks, helping you strengthen your campaign and generate better results.

Essentially, you're getting my eyes for 30 days as we ramp up your Facebook advertising success.

Now, my Facebook Ad Autopsy’s are strictly limited as I can only take on three clients each week and they’re very sought after.

So, I must warn you – there may be a waiting list.

It costs just £250, which you’ll be required to pay immediately. Once I have received payment I will contact you to put a date in the diary.

However, after the 30 days, in the unlikely event that you don’t think I’ve offered you any break-through suggestions, then I’ll happily refund your investment, no questions asked.

To be honest, in most cases, the changes that I offer on our initial call generally make the extra profits to cover my Autopsy fee in just a couple of days.

Simply click the button below to answer your questions and get started.

Speak soon,

Emma Melhuish

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