Are You Taking Advantage Of Facebook Retargeting?

Right now, as online marketers using Facebook adverts, we have one of the most advanced and low-cost marketing platforms ever created at our finger tips.

However, they also make it really easy to spent a lot of cash – with no tracking – very quickly.

In this blog post, I want to share where the smart cash is being invested and how you can do the same, all fuelled by a recent experience I had.

So let’s start with the story of my experience.

Last night, I was browsing ‘Barrington Sports’ for some new running shoes. My old ones are a bit wore out and some sparkly new ones will make pounding the pavements that little more comfortable.

I found the perfect pair.

I stayed on the page, read the description and looked through the pictures.

But didn’t buy straight away.

I decided to procrastinate on the decision as I went to the gym.

After returning home, having dinner and sitting down to relax – I opened up Facebook and guess what I was greeted with?

11117580_10155480507225055_1168784261_nIt was a remarketing advert showing the exact trainers that I had my eye on.

I clicked, bought and I’m waiting for the delivery today!

Using Facebook adverts to remarket is pure genius!

What Exactly Is Remarketing?

Remarketing allows you to make adverts appear to specific audiences of people.

For example, people that have visited your website, or even people that have visited specific pages.

This allows e-commerce websites to make specific products follow you around Facebook with their re-marketing adverts.

But it’s not only e-commerce.

I was only speaking to a client this morning who uses retargeting to make specific adverts appear to clients in different stages of his funnel.

For example …

He has one client that retargets people that visit his opt-in page but don’t opt-in.

He then has another advert for the people that opt-in but don’t purchase his low cost tripwire/liquidator/up-sell.

Then another advert that appears for people who purchase his low-value product but don’t purchase his core-offer.

How Do People Act To Remarketing?

When I first heard that Facebook was introducing remarketing, my first thought was that it’s a little intrusive.

But ever since it’s been available, the feedback from Facebook users has been great.

According to a survey published by Emarketer, nearly three out of five U.S. online buyers said they notice ads for products they looked up on other sites, and they found that 89% of consumers reacted positively to them.

Plus, a further study by retargeting vendor Criteo, say that website visitors that are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website.

Which is HUGE!

How To Set Remarketing Up?

You can set up remarketing through your Custom Audiences.

For example, let’s say we want to set up a basic remarketing advert that appears to people that visit my homepage but don’t opt-in for my free ‘Facebook Checklist’.

We would head into Facebook Ads Manager, choose Audiences then select Create New Audience.

In here, we would select ‘Audience From Website’.

We can then choose exactly how we would like to set up this audience, for our example, we would select ‘People Visiting Selected Pages But Not Others’ 

Then we would follow the simple steps to include the main page BUT restrict the download page for the checklist.

Have a look at this image.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.42.23


Then simply set up an advert and in the audience section, select this custom audience.

Your advert will then appear to JUST these people.

Facebook remarketing is so powerful; it costs much less, drives higher conversions, expands your market reach and builds social proof.

Best thing is, it’s easy-peasy to set up!

Until next week,
Emma x

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