Attention Needed: Facebook Like Boxes

The Facebook genius that is Jon Loomer recently made me aware of an interesting development that’s happening through his Power Hitters Club (which is well worth checking out).

It’s a development that’s going to need attention from millions of business owners around the globe.

And if it’s left ignored, it will create bugs and problems and hundreds of thousands of websites.

In this week’s blog post, I’m going to explain what it is and how you can fix it in the next few minutes, saving you any last minute headaches on the 23rd of June when it’s scheduled to be turned off.

Let’s dive in.










It’s called Facebook Like Boxes, it’s a plugin that allows you to embed a simple feed of content from Facebook onto your website.

Most commonly, there a small box that shows your latest Facebook post updates, where your site visitor can click through or ‘like’ your page.


On the 23rd of June, Facebook will be depreciating the plugin which will mean that the embedded content feed on your website will no longer be active.

Here’s a quick snap:

Emma-2The only way to fix this is to manually add a new plugin.

If you leave it, it won’t automatically fix itself or update – it will just discontinue to work. 

How To Update The Plugin 

The new plugin is called ‘Page Plugin’ and it works exactly the same as the previous ‘Like Box’ that you currently have installed.



In order to switch them over, it’s just the case of downloading the new ‘Page Plugin’ and replacing your previous ‘Like Box’ with the code.

Here’s a link to the new ‘Page Plugin’ –

This fix now will ensure that part of your website won’t break or stop working in June and that you have a fresh new content feed on your site that will continue to work.

I hope that’s helpful,

Speak soon,
Emma x


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