E-commerce: Four Keys To Facebook Success

If you run an e-commerce business, I owe you an apology.

You see, I’m constantly creating content around the subject of building highly profitable Facebook ad campaigns – however, it’s always aimed at fitness professionals and coaches.

Service based businesses.

Well in this blog post, I’m going to flip the tables and discuss Facebook advertising for e-commerce businesses.

You see, earlier this week – I read a blog on William Harris’s site which was all about generating 500-900% ROI for e-commerce businesses through Facebook ads.

Obviously this caught my interest.

So I want to share their strategies and outline my thoughts.

The blog post introduced Facebook advertising as a way of generating high returns in less time that it takes to eat your lunch, which was a nice hook.

They then listed four different methods for getting huge ROI’s for your e-commerce business.

We’ll go through them.

  1. Custom Audiences

Custom audiences is huge for e-commerce, as you can track who visits what pages and target ads at those people.

For example, if I visited a page that sells a certain pair of shoes, they could retarget adverts to me with the same/similar shoes.

This would effectively be a highly targeted retargeting system based on visitor’s preferences.

If I was setting up adverts for e-commerce, I would also look at building a lookalike audience based on current customers and trailing some similar adverts to them – could work nicely!

  1. Test Out Different Headlines

A very obvious one.

Split-test different headlines to see which advert gets the best conversions.

Generally I’ve found that it’s a bit of guess-work, many times both copywriters and Facebook ad experts are surprised at what converts and what doesn’t.

Best thing you can do is get your ideas uploaded and see what works best, then scale that ad and continue to make tweaks.

  1. Test Different Images

Once again a nice simple one, however they did go into detail about colours/styles.

The general Facebook rule of thumb is to ensure that your image stands out!

This sometimes means that ugly Facebook ads work –as they stand out.

But the most important thing you can do is use colours that clash with the Facebook blue.

So, greens, oranges, red etc.

  1. Test C2A’s

Test different call-to-actions on your adverts.

Facebook have a built in call-to-action button where you can select things like: book, purchase, call, contact etc.

But the best thing you can do is write your own call-to-actions with the copy surrounding the advert.

Now, once again – it’s usually a bit of a surprise to what converts so set up some variations and test!


These are very basic but it seems that e-commerce is a market/niche that is generally just getting to grips with Facebook advertising.

If you run an e-commerce business, you have a huge opportunity to generate some quickly highly-targeted traffic and retarget to a highly advanced level.

Until next week,

P.S – Here’s the original blog post – http://elumynt.com/stop-ignoring-facebook-ads-your-keys-to-success/

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