Eight Ways To Get More From Facebook Graph Search

For the past few weeks, we’ve been going back to basics with our weekly blog posts, looking at the Facebook fundamentals.

But this week … we’re cranking it up!

Because I want to speak to you about ‘Facebook Graph Search’ – if you’re not familiar with it, or you’ve just dabbled with it, then you’re going to find this blog post incredibly valuable.

In fact, it might just be the most valuable blog post that you’ve read all year!

But before we get started …

If you’re based in the UK, then we have a potential problem.

You see, Facebook Graph Search is only available to US Facebook accounts. But don’t worry, it’s a quick fix.

If you head into your ‘General Account Settings’, you can change your ‘Language’ to ‘US English’ which will automatically make it available.

Here’s a quick screenshot:

What is Facebook Graph Search?

Have you ever wanted to find people on Facebook based on certain interests? Maybe people who work for certain companies? People who have specific skills? Even your competitors top customers?

Then Facebook graph search allows you to use certain terms in the search bar, to match your ideal searches.

It’s pretty complicated to explain, but throughout this blog post, I’ll use different images with examples of exactly what I mean, so you can take these ‘terms’ and find your ideal customers in the next 15 minutes.

Now, there’s hundreds of different things you can search for, however, in this blog post, I’ve included the top eight searches!

Let’s get stuck in …

  1. Find Colleagues To Connect With

Ever wanted to search for somebody with a similar interest?

For example, let’s say you’re a big ‘Tony Robbins’ and you want to build your Facebook network by adding some new friends who share similar interests, okay?

Here’s the search term that you must use in the search bar: People who are not my friend who like PAGE NAME

  1. Find Your Fans Interests

This is an interesting one.

By using the search term: Favorite interests of people who like PAGE NAME (yep, American spelling).

Facebook will search what your fans have got in common. You might find that a lot of them have an interest in rugby or rom-com’s – which will allow you to craft your content around these topics, being seen as more personal and likable!

  1. Identify Pages Your Fans Like

Once again, this is a sneaky way of getting to understand what pushes your fans buttons.

By using the search term: Pages liked by people who like PAGE NAME

You can discover what other pages your fans like. For example, you might find that a huge number of them like a certain news site, a certain band or a certain film – this allows you to tailor your marketing and message to resonate stronger and build long-lasting relationships.

  1. Compare Fan Bases To Identify New Prospect Markets

Here you can find out which of your fans also like related Facebook pages.

For example, you can find fans who like your page and pages of events/locations/conferences. Then you can look at speaking at the events, attending these events and getting closer to your fans.

Use the term: Fans of PAGE NAME 1 and PAGE NAME 2

  1. Reveal Intersecting Interests

You can create a range of combinations of queriers to understand the topics that interest your fans and followers.

For example, a blogs guest author can use the search results in order to promote another guest authors post using Facebook ad targeting.

Allowing you to reach the right audience with your adverts. Make sense?

Use the search term: Favorite interests of people who like PAGE NAME 1 and PAGE NAME 2

  1. Discovering Your Fans Interests

This is my personal favourite.

If I’m ever running a competition or I’m struggling for content to include a new email, blog post or piece of marketing, then I always turn to this.

Basically, you can discover your fans favourite films, music, sports teams, the lot!

Just use the search terms:

  • Movies liked by people who like PAGE NAME
  • Favorite music of people who like PAGE NAME
  • Sports teams of people who like PAGE NAME
  1. Search Your Fans’ Page By Gender

This is going a little more advanced.

But if you want to split your audience into gender to discover what they like, for example you might find that women fancy the pants off a certain actor, or that men have a favourite film.

You can also find who’s dominating your market in the eyes of the different genders.

Just use the search term: Pages liked by GENDER who like PAGE NAME

  1. Your Fans’ Page Likes By Age 

Another niche search.

By using Facebook Insights, you can find the average age of your fans, and then you can use this feature to discover what pages certain age groups like.

This is fantastic for finding competition prizes, resonating with different segments of your database and speaking your audiences language.

It all depends on what you’re selling and who your audience is. But if you’re selling children’s products, or targeting a market that’s a different age group to you – this could be VERY helpful!

Use the search term: Pages liked by people over the age of NUMBER who like PAGE NAME.


By understanding your market and fans with more clarity, you can better target your market and build stronger relationships with them.

It also allows you to research your competitors, find new networks of contacts and grow your database.

The fact that this is simple, accessible and so powerful makes it a no-brainer to use and play with.

My advice to you would be to down tools for the next 10 minutes and go have a play around – you never know what you’re going to discover!

Until next time x



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