Engage Your Facebook Audience With Visual StoryTelling

In this blog post, I’m going to reveal why you have the mind of a goldfish.

Have I lost your attention yet?

What about now?

Because it’s been reported than the average person’s attention span has decreased to just 8 seconds – from 12 seconds in 2000 – which makes it shorter than a goldfish.

This isn’t truer than on Facebook.

In the time you’ve taken to read the first few paragraphs of this blog; the News Feed of millions of Facebook users has been hit with tens of thousands of statuses, photos, videos and advertisements.

With users being inundated with content, is it any surprise than it’s getting harder and harder to win their attention with your adverts and posts.

Especially when you’re competing with ‘Cute Kitten’ videos and those eye-catching ‘7 Police Officers That Look Like Squirrel’s’ news articles.

So here’s the question:

How can your advert stand out and get noticed?

Well in this week’s blog post I’m going to explain how you can use a new method to do exactly that. It’s called Visual Storytelling.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Well maybe this statistics will make you take notice:

  • Posts that have visuals get a 180% greater engagement
  • Images make up 93% of the most engaging Facebook posts
  • Your brain can process visuals in 1/10th of a second – that’s a whole load of Goldfish time!

So let’s look at ways you can use visual storytelling with your Facebook ads.

  1. Start Using Video

I don’t need to tell you how effective videos are; how often have you browsed your news-feed to have a video catch your attention on auto-play?

That’s backed up with stats like videos get 12 times more shares than any other form of post – and it’s scheduled to grow by 10 times by 2017.

In 2014, 8 of the 10 most shared Facebook posts had a video, and it’s listed as 2015’s biggest trend (in February!).

How to get the most out of your videos.

  • Your videos should lead your audiences to understand your product, service easily
  • You should use humour – just be careful, we’ve all seen Apprentice style fails!
  • Play on your audiences emotions
  1. Use Fan-Submitted Images 

We’ve all become a little blind to self-promotion; it’s a little bit annoying, isn’t it?

That’s why fan-submitted pictures get so much more engagement and are much more appealing – they also give social proof!

This is never truer than in the personal training or fitness world – your customers submitting their results of ‘then’ & ‘now.

Your message reaches your market quicker and makes it away around social circles in no time..

How you can maximise your fan-submitted pics.

  • Make sure your brand is on the submitted image
  • Get stuck in to real-time conversations in the comments section
  • Encourage more of your customers to upload images to social media with incentives (free products etc.)
  1. Use A Mascot

We hate faceless organisations and nothing makes my skin crawl like bland professional services companies spreading their boring message on Facebook.

We as humans like seeing a face to a business; whether that’s Dave the local taxi driver or the Honey Monster being the face of Sugar Puffs.

That’s why creating a cute and cool mascot could be your ticket to boosting engagement and pulling people’s heart-strings – it won’t only increase brand recognition but it will also tell a story.

A study recently revealed that brand mascots are more effective at creating a social buzz than celebrities… can you believe that?

How to maximize the impact of mascots

  • Give your mascot a real personality and traits – maybe he’s ultra-cool, or maybe he’s deluded cool like David Brent – but you have the chance to build a character people will love.
  • Make them memorable by adding some quirks or a particular style
  • They’ve got to stick around – this is a long term strategy
  1. Use Captions

Maybe you’ve noticed this. I know I certainly have on my personal feed; If I share a video/image and don’t add a caption, it gets much less engagement that a short bit of wording.

Every image/video that you share MUST have a caption, it not only boosts engagement but it adds a different element to your post.

You need to remember, the audience seeing your post might be completely new to you; an image of your dog asleep in front of the fire with one of your leaflets leant against him won’t make any sense.

But a caption saying that ‘he’s tired from all the calls you’ve had about the special offer on the leaflet…’ will make much more sense.

How to get the most from your captions.

  • Keep it short, no more than two sentences
  • Don’t be afraid of using links to drive your audience to designated pages
  • SPELL-CHECK everything – it makes a big difference to how people see your brand (frantically checking my own spelling!)

Now What?

So now that you have some ideas; go and start using them.

Create your mascot, record videos and encourage fan pictures – your dream customers are hanging around on Facebook; go and reach them!

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