Facebook’s Video Ad Pricing Changes

There’s been a huge debate between Facebook and marketers ever since video ads became available.

In this week’s quick blog post – I’m going to explain what’s been happening, what Facebook have done to fix the issue and what it means to YOU.

So, let’s go back to the big debate.

Basically, as soon as somebody plays a video on Facebook (that’s sponsored) the advertiser has to pay for that view.

Seems fair enough.

But recently, Facebook made all videos auto play on the newsfeed, giving the user the option to click the video to hear sound.

This has meant that regardless of whether or not the user clicks the video or even looks at the video – the advertiser has to pay for a view.

Which seems a little unfair doesn’t it?

Especially, when you consider that Facebook charge the advertiser regardless of whether the video is watched for a split-second or five minutes.

So, if you open Facebook now and instantly close it.

If a video started to play on your newsfeed in those split seconds, the advertiser had to pay for that.

Pffft. Unfair?

You can understand why there’s been a debate, can’t you?

So, here’s what Facebook have done.

They’ve changed the rules to make advertisers happy.

Well, kind of happy. They’ve met half way.

From now on, the advertiser only pays for a video view if the video plays for at least 10 seconds – regardless of sound etc.

Regarding the 10-second option, a Facebook spokeswoman said:

“We don’t believe it’s the best option in terms of capturing the best value and brand objectives marketers care about, but we want to give them control and choice over how they buy.”

So it seems to be a debate that’s going to continue to rumble for a while.


So, how do these changes impact you?

Well – if you’re running video ads, it can only be an advantage.

Your costs should drop dramatically, allowing you to target many more of the right people at the same budget … and your results should all round improve.

I can’t see a negative aspect at the moment, but it’s worth keeping an eye on!

Until next week,

Emma x

Image source – http://www.knowyourmobile.com/

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    If not for your writing this topic could be very colvenutod and oblique.

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