The Number One Facebook Training Course For Fitness Professionals And Health Experts

Would You Like To Become Of My Coaching Clients Over The Next 8 Weeks As I Teach You How To Effortlessly Build Highly Profitable Facebook Advertising Campaigns, With No Prior Experience?

Aside from actually helping clients install my Facebook strategies into their campaigns, I occasionally handpick a small group of clients to train, coach and share my strategies with.

These clients get unguarded access to my highest content, every trick that I know and every method that I use to drive some of the highest converting Facebook ads in the fitness industry.

If you want to join this elite group, get personal one-to-one access to me and be handed a toolkit that will allow you to effortlessly build highly profitable Facebook campaigns with ease, then keep reading.

But before I dive into the details and explain the eight modules of the course, I need to be crystal-clear up front.

This training isn’t for everybody.

In fact, I’m VERY picky when it comes to who I share my strategies and training with, for two reasons.

  • It’s vital to me that I’m working with action-takers that will follow my plans and get immediate results
  • We must get a long – we don’t have to be BFFL’s but it’s important that we’re both rowing in the same direction

Still think you fit the bill?

Well, the training will take place over eight weeks on weekly Webinars.

The Webinars will be available to watch live, but they’ll also be in your password protected members-area that you’ll have lifelong access to, so you can go back and watch whenever you’d like.

Here’s what we’re going to cover over the eight weeks.

#Week One: - Foundations

We’ll look at the basics; optimize your Facebook page, Ad code your website and set up an audience – paving the path for the next seven weeks.

#Week Two: - How To Create a Converting Offer

I’ll explain my process for building a highly desirable compelling offer that attracts eye-balls and has your prospects scrambling for their credit cards.

#Week Three: - Finding Your Target Market on Facebook

Once you’ve built a compelling offer, it’s time to identify your target market and carve them out from Facebook targeting.

#Week Four: - Content Marketing & Facebook Ads

The process of using content marketing to create simple and easy lead generation, attracting your dream customers and getting them closer to your compelling offer

#Week Five: - Creating Converting Images & Copy For Your Facebook Ads

It’s vital that your advert stands out to your audience, the message resonates with them and it persuades them to click.

I’ll explain the little image trick to ensuring you jump off the screen.

#Week Six: - Setting Up Your Ads With Power Editor

This is where we get slightly advanced and look at the many wonders of Power Editor and how you can take advantage of the “no text limit” and advanced settings to ramp up your targeting score.

#Week Seven: - Email Marketing

How to use a sales funnel to follow up with new prospects to quickly turn them into sales through email nurturing and selling.

#Week Eight: - How To Use Facebook Remarketing To Maximise Your ROI

Finally, we’ll look at using remarketing to re-engage with your prospects, drive them back to the desired part of your funnel and make additional sales.

But you’ll also get a range of extras once you’re accepted onto my training.

#Bonus One: - The Complete ‘How To …’ Tutorials

Short snappy videos where I share my screen and walk you through guides, explanations and basics.

#Bonus Two: - Training Worksheets

Physical worksheets that you can use whilst we go through our eight weeks of training – perfectly designed to allow you to soak up maximum content.

#Bonus Three: - Live Q&A’s

If you have any questions throughout the training – I’ll be on hand to personally answer your questions and give you guidance.

#Bonus Four: - Ad Autopsy (Worth £197.00)

A completely FREE Ad Autopsy included.

Once you’re happy with your adverts/campaign, I’ll comprehensively go through them, make sure there are no glaring errors and point out any room for improvement.

At the end of the training …

You’ll be able to identify, build and create a wave of cash in any market virtually overnight.

You’ll know how to build hugely compelling adverts, identify red hot audiences and use Facebook ad your vehicle to attract, nurture and convert them.

It will serve you for years to come and if done right, with my guidance and support – it will add hundreds of thousands of pounds (even millions) to your pocket over the next 12 months.

How to apply for Facebook Ad Mastery

If you’re interested in signing up, then it’s through ‘application’ ONLY.

We arrange a time and jump on the phone, we’ll discuss your business, your market and what you want to achieve through Facebook advertising.

I’ll ask some brutally honest questions, I’ll get to understand where your passion lies and where you want to take your business.

If I feel that I can help you on that journey and that my training could directly drive you down your desired path, then I’ll offer you an invitation to be one of my limited coaching clients.

However …

If I don’t feel that I can help you or I don’t believe we’re a good fit for each other, then I’ll simply offer you some general advice and we’ll go our separate ways.

Want to apply?

Then simply click the button below, give me your details and answer some basic questions.

I’ll then be in touch with a time/date for our call 🙂

I’m looking forward to speaking soon,

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Ben Coomber

“I am always reluctant to consult with others on growing my business largely because 95% of the people promoting such programs and consultancy have never run a successful business, or are not really a master of it, they just like to talk about it and inadvertently end up knowing more than the person looking! However after being recommended to Emma from a trusted friend I took the plunge confident that Emma had knowledge that my business needed.

Emma took myself and one of my staff through targeted Facebook advertising and supported us as we learnt the ropes, both 1-2-1, via screen share, and with the support of her Facebook training program.

She was there for us, helped us, spelled things out when we were being technotards, and easily explained things. We are working on mastering the platform, but working with Emma gave us the opportunity to get 2000 leads with £1200 spent on our 1st ‘go’, each lead being of £1400 value. I am now confident that we 100% have the tools to successfully convert through Facebook to our target audience. Money well spent and I would highly recommend Emma’s services and programs.”

Ben Coomber
Click Here To Apply For My One-on-One Coaching Program