8 Ways To Find Better Stuff To Post On Facebook – According To Robert Scoble!

Have you heard of Robert Scoble? He reveals 8 ways to find better stuff to post on Facebook.

If you work in Social Media, you are likely to know him as ‘Scobleizer’ however for those of you who don’t know, Robert Scoble travels the world speaking about technology and social media – to say he is connected would be an understatement!

A recent post over at Robert’s Facebook page began with these words:

“Facebook is screwing me, marketers say”

In his post, Robert discussed a musician named Roem A Baur who was complaining that only 5% of his fans were seeing his post – Facebook was screwing him.

Scoble’s reply went something like this:

“I look at it the other way: Facebook is making it MORE likely for the good stuff to be seen because it keeps my crappy posts out of your feed”

Robert gave musician Roem some sound advice how to find better stuff to post on Facebook!

Robert Scoble’s 8 Ways To Find Better Stuff To Post On Facebook

  1. More photos – we all know photos get more engagement
  2. More insights into music.
  3. More playlists. Musicians know who is killing it, so give me playlists to listen to on Spotify or Soundcloud. Or other musicians who are influencing you.
  4. More videos. We all want to know what it’s like to be a rock star. So interview other musicians back stage, show how you invent new stuff, etc
  5. Talk about places you like playing best & why.
  6. Give us tips for how to have a more experiential life
  7. Do posts with more Facebook stuff, like sentiment, location, etc. Mix it up. If you do only video posts you will get filtered out more.
  8. Don’t pander the algorithms. Let’s be honest, you can get more Likes & comments by putting up photos of cute cats or hot looking people. But is that really your brand? Will that help you get more customers, er, fans? I don’t think so.

Basically, Scoble is telling Baur to find better stuff to post on Facebook!

Robert explained why this posting strategy works:

  • Facebook regularly changes its algorithm (sometimes up to several time each week!). When the algorithm is tweaked you will probably notice your reach change. Instead of trying to beat the new algorithm (trust me you’ll lose!), be consistent with your posting instead.
  • Facebook is naturally biased towards popularity – if people are liking, sharing and commenting on your post, it will be shown to more people! Simples!
  • Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm (yep there are lots of them!) likes different media types e.g. photos, videos etc. By videos Robert means videos YOU upload, not links from YouTube.
  • Facebook is getting pretty complex – you may have even notice you seen different posts on your phone as your do on your desktop
  • You’ll  build a stronger and more loyal fan base – This is due to consistently publishing high quality Facebook posts your fans enjoy

Put simply, Facebook are smarter than the most crafty marketer out there  – you will lose if you try to trick the news feed algorithm!

Facebook knows the tricks you will use on your page before you even try.

Facebook officials have thought of every angle a marketer might take and have implemented rewards & penalties for those behaviours.

So instead of trying to beat the system — post good consistent content that speaks to YOUR audience.

Over to you…

Do you agree with Scoble?

Are most posts on Facebook crap?

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