Five Of The Most Recent Facebook Ad Changes

I read a great post on the brilliant Social Media Examiner this week and I just had to share some of their points.

More importantly, I wanted to re-word and add a bit more meat to some of their points.

So, today – we’re going to cover “Five Of The Most Recent Facebook Ad Changes.”

As you know, the last couple of years have been a whirlwind for Facebook advertisers – the goalposts have been moved time and time again and there’s always a brand new shiny feature appearing.

But more to the point, the techniques that work are always changing – with perfectly good strategies becoming outdated and overused overnight.

This article will catapult you to the latest in Facebook advertising and allow you to take advantage of what’s working today.

So, let’s start with the first point.

  1. Call Now Button On Your Adverts

If your adverts are targeting mobile users, you now have the option to pick your ‘call to action’ as ‘Call Now’.

Essentially this means that the user can click your call to action and your number will automatically be called from their phone.

There’s a couple of ways that you can take advantage of this.

For one, it could be used for lead-generation, acquiring you prospects mobile numbers for future remarketing.

But the best use for this feature is for local businesses. If you’re a restaurant, hairdressers or even a gym – giving the user the option to call you directly to claim an offer or book an appointment is powerful.

It essentially removes multiple layers of your funnel – cutting the crap and nurturing process and getting them straight in as a customer.

  1. Dynamic Product Ads With Your Sales Catalogs

Google shopping ads have been around a while now, and have been very popular.

It was only logical that Facebook was going to join the party, or even crash the party – which they unsurprisingly have.

The big difference is, Facebook’s product ads work differently to Google’s product ads.

For one, Facebook have gone for more of a Google dynamic remarketing approach.

This means that they use Facebook’s targeting parameters or the consumer’s cookie history to serve ads.

Like Google’s banner retargeting builder, the Facebook ads are template-based which means that it automatically pulls images, product names, prices into your catalog, based on the keywords.

It’s highly intelligent; it will even stop serving the ads when your product goes out of stock.

Since Facebook are doing the creative side, they ensure that the adverts work on desktop, mobile and right column.

  1. Carousel Ads Are On Mobile

Now, carousel ads aren’t completely new.

No doubt you’ve seen them plastered across your desktop newsfeed for the past year.

But this summer, Facebook introduced them to mobile.

Carousel ads have some huge advantages.

For one, when you’re on your mobile, it’s common to swipe left & right, which really play into the hands of the carousel and make it seamless ad format for users.

They also allow you to display multiple images with different links from one ad unit – ensuring you can get a big bang for your buck without plastering the news feed.

But most importantly, they work.

This spring, Neiman Marcus (an American specialists department store) used mobile carousel ads to showcase their shoe and handbag collections.

They reported three times more conversions and an 85% higher click-through rate compared to standard ads.

  1. New Look Facebook Advertising

If you’ve been running any adverts lately, you’ll have noticed that both Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor have been completely revamped, adding a host of extra functionality.

The Ads Manager has a smoother feel (although it’s taking a while to get used to) and it has improved performance metrics that allow you to really track where your conversions are coming from with ease.

  • Are they male/female?
  • What location?
  • How many mobile/how many desktop?
  • Plus a host of other features

It essentially means you can create ads, edit them and review them in one place.

My old favourite, Power Editor, has also had a revamp.

It now has an easier to use interface, one that is less confusing and allows you bulk edit and used advanced searching capabilities.

If this Facebook facelift isn’t on your Facebook yet, don’t worry.

They’re rolling it out and will be with you soon.

  1. The Ads Manager App – Finally!

There’s been a real buzz in the Facebook advertising world as Facebook are introducing an Ads Manager app!

The app allows you to track your performance, amend your budget and adjust scheduling, it even lets you build ads from scratch and edit them!

The advert is available to download now so go and get your teeth into it.

No more being strapped to a computer or having one of those heart-stopping moments when you’ve accidently entered a £1,000 budget instead of a £100 budget and you don’t have access to a computer!

  1. What’s Coming Soon

This is probably the most exciting part of the whole blog post.

Facebook recently announced that they’re testing something brand new called Lead Ads.

I’m getting a little bit excited whilst writing this, because Lead Ads auto-populate some form fields on mobile devices using information that’s already known about the person.

Which makes it much easier for the user to sign-up – which will drastically improve your opt-in conversions and may bring your conversion cost down.

No doubt, if this proves to work then the price of Facebook ads will increase – but it’s very exciting.


Well, the changes that are happening now and the changes that will happen in the future are all very exciting.

Facebook are focusing on improving their user experience and making it easier for us to spend money within their ad platform.

However, they’re giving us some really cool features to work with.

If you want to get your Facebook ads working – generating you streams of leads and would like to set up a consultation call to discuss your business, your marketing plans and to see if I can help, then head to:

Until next week,
Emma x

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