Four Reasons Why The Majority Of PT’s On Facebook Are Wasting Their Time & Money

Let’s not lie to ourselves.

The only reason – as business owners – that we should be on Facebook is to acquire more customers and make more money.

With that said, I want to ask you a question:

“Do you measure the results of your social media activity?”

Could you tell me how much time you spent on Facebook last week, how much income it has been responsible for and how much it has cost you (in both time and money) to generate a lead?

The likelihood is that the answer will be NO.

Which is no surprise – in 2015,’s Industry Report said that 42% of businesses said they were able to measure their social media activities.

Yet, 87% of people said they’re planning on increasing their time/money investment on social media.


Something doesn’t quite line up, does it?

In real terms …

The large majority of PT’s that spend hours of time and a chunk of money on Facebook have no idea whether it’s working or not.

They don’t measure their results; they don’t know how many leads it generates, and they’re investing blindly.

Well, in this blog post, I’m going to share with you FOUR different strategies for maximising your time/money investment on Facebook and ensuring that every minute/penny is grinding out leads/sales for you.

We’ll the start with the most important element.

1) Measure Everything … Like a Hawk!

First things first – we need to ensure that you’ve got the essentials in place.

You need to measure your results.

That means that you need to stop focussing on impressions or clicks (they mean jack-s**t) – instead, you need to start tracking your conversions.

Setting your ads up with the goal being ‘Conversions’ allows you to accurately see how much it costs you to achieve an action.

That action could be a simple opt-in, it could be a sale, or it could be an application.

But unless you know these numbers, you’re mad to scale or spend more money!

Conversion tracking is really easy to set up – simply paste some code that Facebook will supply you with onto your website and then choose the pages that matter through Facebook’s Custom Audiences.

For example …

If you’re driving traffic to an opt-in page, you choose the ‘thank you’ page (after they’ve opted-in) as a ‘Conversion’.

You’ll only see a conversion once somebody has opted-in.

If you’re getting conversions for £1.00 and one in ten of them are signing up for a free training session (which is worth on average £2k to you) – then you can ramp up your ad spend with confidence!

2) Please Don’t Boost Your Post

Facebook’s boost post option is for the people that have no idea what they’re doing.

As soon as you hit that button, you’re passing all responsibility to Facebook to spend your money as quickly as possible … with nothing to show for it.

Sure, they’ll give you some basic targeting options (the most cringy one being ‘friends of your pages fans’ – WTF?), but you’re essentially flushing money down the toilet.

Don’t get me wrong, this is the easiest way to use Facebook for advertising, but as you know, if you want better results than everybody else, then you have to go beyond the crowd.

3) Target Your Market With Precision

Look, every woman in your demographic between 35-50 doesn’t want to lose weight and get into shape (or they’re not willing to invest in themselves to do it).

Every guy between 21-30 can’t afford to pay a trainer and commit the time to “looking great on their upcoming Ibiza holiday.”

So why target your adverts to such a huge group of people?

The trick is to target precisely.

Why waste your time on unqualified prospects that can’t afford or aren’t interested in your services?

It will just ramp up your ad spend and cost to acquire a lead.

You need to choose precisely who you target to fit your market.

Struggling? Take your best customers, look at their age, their income, their interests and target based on that.

Sure, your audience will be much smaller – but it will be chock-full of the right people!

4) Don’t Be a Car Salesman Idiot.

IE … don’t try to sell to them before you even know their name.

Look, nobody likes to buy from strangers – everybody likes to buy from somebody that they like.

This applies online or offline.

If you’re trying to sell at “hello” – then you’re going to struggle.

Instead, set your sales funnel up to build trust and then earn the opt-in.

Want an example?

– Lead with content, drives people to a valuable blog post that doesn’t ask for an opt-in
– Retarget that audience to get them to ‘Like’ your Facebook page
– Set up an advert to people that like your page that finally asks them for an opt-in to get them into your funnel

This builds trust, ensures they like you before they give you their details and will allow you to build a list of people that are a great fit to buy from you.

It’s quick way of ensuring your list is as hot as possible!


Very simply – in order to raise your social media game in 2016.

You need to ensure you have the right tracking in place, ensure you set your adverts correctly, targeting the right people and building trust before asking for the opt-in.

I hope that’s helpful.

Speak soon,

Emma x

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