How To Create Multi-Product Ads

You may have started to see these new adverts appearing on your newsfeed …

They’re called multi-product ads, and they essentially allow you to showcase a variety of products/services/promotions without having to create multiple adverts.

They haven’t been around for long, but in the short space of time that marketers have had access to them, they’ve been very popular.

In this week’s blog post, I want to show you how you can use these multi-product ads to dazzle your customers with your array of products/services.

Why Use Multi-Product Adverts?

Well, firstly, they’ll allow you to get more website visitors, by putting your products or promotions in one advert it gives people more reasons to click.

Secondly, they will increase your conversion rates. Each image that you upload will have a unique URL which allows you to drive different traffic paths to your website - all from one advert.

Thirdly, they allow you to reach the right people, find new customers and remarket to ex customers and prospects.

But the biggest benefit of the mulit-product adverts is that you can easily get a range of products/services into the face of your prospects without having to create a range of adverts.

This works especially well for e-commerce and product sales.

So … How Do I Create Multi-Product Adverts?

Facebook make it really easy to set these up, they’re far from complicated.

I’m going to walk you through the steps and show you some screenshots.

1. You need to head into your Power Editor (if you’re not using Power Editor, then you’re seriously missing out!)

2. On your ‘ads’, you need to select the ‘Multiple Images’

3. Decide on the number of images and links that you would like your advert to contain from the ‘Images and Links’ section

4. Decide on your destination URL - this will be specific to each of your products and will drive your Facebook traffic into the right parts of your website.

5.  Create your Headline - it will appear below your advert, remember to include the benefits of your product/service to entice the reader

6. Then create your description - go into detail of the technical bits and bobs of your product so the reader knows what you’re selling

7. Upload your image

LITTLE NOTE: The dimensions for the image are 600px by 600px


I see this working very well for remarketing - especially if you sell products (physical or digital) - it’s almost bringing an e-commerce side to Facebook - allowing you to showcase products and drive prospects to different parts of your website.

If you’ve built a custom audiences and have products sat on your shelf, then I’d recommend getting this set up, pronto!

Speak soon,
Emma x

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