How To Get The Most From Your Facebook Events

This week, we’re going to change the topic from paid Facebook advertising and look at another way to use Facebook to drive leads and sales, and that’s through running Facebook events.

The inspiration for this post was from Ad Espresso, and I feel it’s an intriguing subject.

You see, it’s very rare that we actually see clever Event pages.

They’re usually put together by Facebook amateurs that use terrible pictures, put some brief information and then invite everyone in their friends list, regardless of interest levels.

If I personally click in my ‘events’ tab whilst I’m typing this, I’m invited to two networking events, the launch party of a t-shirt design company and a brass band concert.

(Why would you invite me to a brass band concert?)

Each one of them looks unwelcoming and awkward!

So, in this week’s blog post, we’re going to look at FIVE ways to spice up your event pages to drive a flood of dream attendees to your doorstep.

Let’s get stuck in!

1. Images are important

Once again, just to look at my personal invites, the networking events main image is a close-up of the hosts face.

That’s it – there’s no banner image or anything that makes it feel welcoming … just her face!

This a massive opportunity lost – this is the Mayfair of Monopoly – you need to take advantage and make the use of this space.

Facebook allow you to use three images:

One for the events page, that sits at the top like a banner that is 785×295 pixels.

One that does the rounds on the news feed, which is 470×174 pixels.

Plus, one that sits in the upcoming events section that’s a tiny 150×100 pixels.

Your image should give an insight to the whole event.

Give a glimpse into the content, pre-qualify people and generate interest, so that people can make the split-decision whether or not the event is of interest to them and whether or not they would fit in.

Look at this for example, this is from the Traffic & Conversion summit 2015.

It pre-qualifies perfect, generates interest and is attractive!


2. Focus on social proof

Have you ever been considering going to an event or a social gathering and you weren’t too sure, but they you see that a group of your friends are going … changes everything, doesn’t it?

Here’s a little trick for you.

When an attendee RSVPs your event, head to their personal Facebook page and write a “thank you” message to them.

This will drive attention, get noticed by their friends (who tend to have similar interests) and will win you an array of new attendees.

3. Be active!

When browsers are taking a glance at a possible event that they would consider attending, one of the key things they look for is how active the community is.

If the page is dead and there’s nothing going on, then the event is probably going to be the same.

But if you’re active and engaging with your upcoming attendees, starting discussions and having lots of people commenting, sharing and liking, then it’s much more attractive.

Start conversations, ask questions, conduct polls and respond to comments.

Whether that’s you taking control or hiring a social media guy/gal to do the work.

4. Use a countdown

You don’t have to be in the direct response marketing world to see how popular – and in some cases over-used – countdown timers can be to drive action.

But they’re very rarely seen on Facebook pages, that’s why it’s ideal to use one.

With the event looming, take full advantage of counting down the days; it will get your attendees excited, it will drive non-attendees to RSVP their place and it will get more bums on seats!

You can use a special Facebook countdown timer plugin called ‘Countdown Timer For Pages’ – where you simply set the date/time and then you’ll have a timer counting towards the big day.

Alternatively, you can use countdown apps or websites, which you can screenshot and share on your page.

5. Get promoting

Now, I said I wasn’t going to talk about paid ads, but we can sneak a dash of them in this part.

The first thing you need to do to promote your event is look at the free ways to get your ideal attendees turning up.

Share the event in your own circles, on your own Facebook page and invite people that match your criteria.

Don’t go crazy and spam everyone with invites, especially if it’s a niche event in a particular location – but try your hand at getting the word out to the right people.

Then you can look at using paid Facebook ads, aimed specifically at interests and demographics to ensure it’s only reaching the people that want to hear about it.


Using these five principals will help you drive more people to your event, attract better quality attendees and ensure there’s more buzz for your event.

But the key lesson is, it’s all about content and engagement.

So, either be extra busy on social media or hire somebody to do this for you!

Until next week x

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