How To Improve Your Organic Facebook Posts

Whether it’s an organic post on your business page, a status on your personal page or even an advert …

You want people to share, comment and like, right?

Although ‘likes’ don’t put cash in the bank directly, they help with your credibility, allow you to reach more people and may potentially improve your conversions.

So, in this week’s blog post, I’m going to share four different strategies that you can use to catch users attention and generate engagement.

Now before I dive in, let’s just cover the basics.

Firstly, the more relevant your post to your users, the more likely it will create engagement – that’s an obvious one.

Secondly, you need to always upload an image – even if it’s just a quote of a few words that you say in the copy – this ensures that you capture my eyeballs.

Finally, users ‘like/share’ a post based on whether they find it useful, funny or interesting (or even to make them look smart to their friends).

Now we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at the four psychology triggers that you can use to demand attention.

  1. The Power Of Colour

A good friend of mine, Dee Woodward is the queen of this topic.

She’s a master brander and when it comes to colour, it’s much more complex than you could imagine.

Different colours give of different emotions.

For example:

Orange = energy, creative, action.
Blue = trust, strength, intelligence.
Red = passion, excitement, action.

Can you see how you can use certain colours to catch the attention of your audience?

Whether you use the colours of your brand or you want your post to stand out against Facebook’s bland blue/white background.

You can see Dee’s full post on colour HERE.

  1. Ask a Question.

This is maybe the simplest advice I could ever give you.

Want to generate a response? Ask a question.

Is your audience a group of testosterone-crazed men?

Ask them which famous girl has the best body.

Is your audience a group of sex-mad girls?
Ask them who would be their dream guy for that one night.

Get the idea?

Speak their language and ask them a controversial question that you know will capture their attention.

The more controversial or “out there” – the better.

  1. Using The Right Images

The first thing that Facebook users will see is your image.

You need to ensure that it stands out and captures attention. Without realising, every post that you create on Facebook has emotion sown into it.

Whether that’s an image of you looking happy with your other half, an image of you with your grandparents or a selfie in the gym.

Every image gives of emotion.

So, the first thing you need to consider is what emotion you would like your image to give.

Now if you’re posting on your business page, maybe you want your brand to be about determination, motivation or success.

If that’s the case, then focus on using images that represent that emotion.

Maybe that’s you lifting, in an exotic place or doing something out-of-the-ordinary.

  1. Your Copy/Wording

Your image can only do so much heavy lifting.

It’s then down to your copy to fill in the blanks and explain the story behind the image.

If you’re promoting an event or a celebration, then you can use the “who, what, when, where, why and how” formula.

If it’s a story, have it in short punchy sentences and if it’s a call-to-action or sales link, then use intrigue followed by a URL.

Put simply, your copy should answer the intrigue that your image builds.

Attention-grabbing image catches users attention; they click and read the copy to understand it.


The strategy to getting more engagement with your posts is simple.

Use images that capture the attention of your audience (identifying your audience is key) and then use wording to back up your image with a call-to-action/description.

If you can start implementing these simple strategies to the posts that you’re already making; your engagement will increase, you’ll get more clicks, likes and shares allowing you to reach more people and get more traffic – just for making some tiny tweaks.

So, when you’re about to post your next Facebook update, ask yourself:

Does it capture attention, give of the right emotion and drive people to the right action?

Until next week,

Emma x


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