How To Use Facebook Audience Insights

When you set up a Facebook advert, and you choose your targets in Facebook’s audience tool …

Do you know whom you’re really targeting?

For example …

You can pick a host of names, or a host of brands, which are specified through interests but that’s it, isn’t it?

But do you know what percentage of those are female? Or what percentage of those earn over a certain household income?

No … which can cause a problem.

Because when you’re building your advert and writing your ad copy/choosing your images …

You need to ensure that it’s going to resonate and catch the attention of your ideal customer.

In this week’s blog post, I’m going to explain how you can target your ideal Facebook audience through using Facebook’s Audience Insights.

What are Facebook’s Audience Insights?

Although you can identify your market through Facebook Power Editor, they don’t give you any insights into that audience.

By using Audience Insights, you’ll be able to dig deep into exactly who your audience is before putting your budget on the line.

For example, if you’re targeting UK people who are interested in “personal training” – you’ll see exactly what percentage are male and what percentage are female.

You’ll also be able to see the age range of those people and a range of other factors.

However, if you’re based in the States … things get interesting.

The level of detail gets cranked up.

It allows you to see some scary details like:

  • Income
  • Net worth
  • Generation
  • Household composition
  • Age of children
  • Who you vote for (politics)
  • Life events
  • Device owners
  • Plus lots more.

This allows you to really dig deep into who your audience are, painting a picture so you can tailor your advert to them, increasing your conversions, reducing your spend and getting more out of Facebook as a platform.

How To Set Up Facebook Audience Insights

Okay, so let’s look at doing some Facebook research for you …

If you go to ‘Ad Manager’ and select ‘Audience Insights’ on the left hand column.

You’ll then get the following page:

EM1You’ll have three options (well four technically).

  • Everyone on Facebook – this option will include all of Facebook’s users – only use this if doing general research.
  • People connected to your page – self-explanatory, users that like your Facebook page.
  • A custom audience – we’ve covered this huge topic before, but put simply, you can create custom audiences from data (your list) or website visits (people who have visited specific pages).

But for this example, or if you want to create your own audience for an advert, then click the ‘X’ in the top right hand corner.

You’ll then be given a blank canvas to play with.

You can then choose your location – ‘United Kingdom, in our example and the interests to add – ‘Personal training’.

Plus, you can choose the age range, 30-55 in this example.

This is what we then see:


It shows that they’re between 1m – 1.5m people and that 56% are men with the other 46% being women, however on all of Facebook (the rest of the worlds users included), 51% are women with 49% being men.

Can you see how you start to niche and play around to build a red-hot audience?

Then You Can Explore …

You can then begin to look through Facebook’s options to see what your age-range/sex/interested target is really into.

For example, I selected ‘Page Likes’ and here’s what Facebook told me:


In our example, we can see our audiences favourite companies, news/media outlet and sports venue … which is powerful!

Not so much for the ad copy that we produce now, but down the line when we have to start building a relationship and nurturing this audience through our emails/marketing, we can share similar interests and help the audience resonate with you.

You’ll also see the ‘Household’ and ‘Purchase’ options which are greyed out – these are only available in the US.

This is really powerful stuff.

So much that I’ve recorded a quick video for you, as we go through Audience Insights.

I know – it must be important, right?

What Else You Can Do With Facebook’s Audience Insights

Another trick that you can use Facebook’s Audience Insight tool for is getting to understand your current list or your website visitors.

Struggling for inspiration for that daily email or want to crack your avatar, then upload everything into Facebook and use the Custom Audience tool to really nail them down.

However, be warned that your audience must be at least 1000+ people.


Whether you want to build your ideal marketing audience or get to understand your current one, Facebook Audience Insights is one of the quickest and easiest tools to get highly detailed data to improve your marketing.

Hope that’s helpful.

Until next week,

Emma x

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