How To Use Facebook Video To Build Engagement

Over the past few months, we’ve spoke numerous times about the power of Facebook video and how it’s growing stronger and stronger in our online marketing efforts.

It’s no surprise that Facebook have recently given the nod for video content to appear on your newsfeed much more.

In fact, according to Social Bakers, Facebook has now passed Youtube as the most popular platform for businesses to share videos on – which is mind-blowing!

The best part is …

Any small business can create highly effective video content with hardly any budget or fancy equipment.

By just using your phone and some simple editing software – you can create hot videos that are engaging, fun and get views – which make it easy-peasy for small business owners to start taking advantage of this growing trend.

In this week’s blog post, I’m going to share six different styles of videos that you can create, so that you’re not struggling for content.

1. Behind The Scenes

This is a really simple concept, but such an effective strategy for getting views.

A ‘behind the scenes’ video takes your customers for a walk around your business, introducing staff, showing them how the business works and gives them an insight into the businesses personality.

I’ve seen this done successfully for new products that are launching, wetting the customers appetite – and I’ve seen it for office walk arounds.

2. Answer Questions

By answering your customers FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – it gives you the opportunity to put a face to your customer service and helps you manage customer enquiries.

The video can even sit on your contact page in the future and make your business look more personal and caring – rather than being a faceless business hiding behind stock images.

3. Teach Something

Depending on your business, there’s always a way to teach/educate your Facebook customers/prospects.

Whether that’s teaching them a piece of content which they can use, or showcasing your product/services to show them something that they didn’t know.

It doesn’t have to be complicated – it can be a short 30 second video!

4. Have Fun

The truth is, your customers and prospects aren’t on Facebook to work – they’re there to chill out, speak to friends and relax.

So why not join the fun and post some entertaining videos?

Why don’t you bring your pet in the office, have a fancy dress day or even pull some work pranks – you’ll need to be creative but it will pull your customers closer and make you seem more fun!

5. Social Proof

If you want to build a real human touch with your customers/prospects, then having your happy customers sharing their experience with you on camera is hugely effective.

I’ve seen examples of this where the customer is in tears of happiness because of how life-changing the experience has been – it’s hugely powerful!

6. Launch A New Product

Facebook’s a great place to launch new products, especially if they’re sharable and show people the different elements/selling points of your product.

You can even share what your current customers think of the new product and build excitement for it.


Facebook Videos are going to be around for the forceable future, so I suggest you get involved and start creating some content.

It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece – just get it out there!

Until next week,


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