How To Write Compelling Facebook Headlines

When you’re building Facebook campaigns, there’s a handful element that decide the success of your adverts.

It’s there job to catch the Facebook users attention, build intrigue and pre-sell them on your lead-bait/content.

The image that you use is highly important but the most important part of any Facebook advert is undoubtedly your copy and headline.

In fact, Social Media Ad Genius said this:

“The most important factor to success is your ability for writing headlines for Facebook.  Eight out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only two will read the rest!”

Well …

In this week’s blog post, I’m going to look at a range of techniques and tricks to write highly compelling headlines even if you’re not very good at writing.

Now, just to give you some background, I must have been involved in 1,000+ Facebook campaigns and I’ve worked with numerous copywriters/wordsmiths to produce a range of strong headlines.

What I’m about to share with you are the techniques that I’ve picked up for attracting eyeballs and getting clicks.

  1. Lead with Intrigue

Would you like to know a little intrigue trick that will double, treble or even quadruple your clicks?

That was pretty intriguing, right?

If that was a headline, that could work very well.

The aim of leading with intrigue is to create hooks and open-loops in your readers mind.

Our brains, as humans, are pattern machines – we hate when a question is left unanswered.

That’s why, if you can open up a loop (ask a highly compelling question), the reader will have no choice but to open up and see the answer.

Using intrigue works in all areas of marketing; whether it’s email subject lines, direct mail headlines or making people take small action steps.

  1. “How To” headlines

Another great way to attract eyes and get clicks is to lead with a “how to.”

These headlines give us the impression that we’re going to get a set of instructions or a clear understanding of how to do something.

For example, “How To Write Compelling Facebook Headlines?”

That must have worked.

You’re here, reading this, aren’t you?

Now, you’re here because I pre-positioned what I was going to offer you and you knew that you were going to get an answer to a problem you wanted with an understanding of how to do it yourself.

The other huge benefit of the “How to” deadline is that it offers a problem solving element.

When people read your advert, what’s one of the first things that will jump to their mind?

“Will this solve a problem?”

If you can tap into a problem that they’re currently having and create a “How to” headline directly linked to fixing their problem, you’ll get crazy engagement.

It’s a timeless headline classic.

3. The Benefit Headline

Another way to hook your ideal customers in is to lead with a benefit.

Now, I need to be crystal clear of what a benefit is.

Because most people seem to get mixed up between a benefit and a feature.

For example, the new Audi A1.

It goes 130mph … is that a feature or a benefit?

Well, it’s a feature, a benefit of that would be:

“It will allow you to flee a bank robbery quickly.”

Get the idea?

I’ve found that a trick to quickly identify what your benefit is, is to simply add a “so that” at the end of your features, for example.

The new Audi A1 has:

  • Air conditioning (so that you can stay cool on hot summer days)
  • All round airbags (so that you’ll be safe in the event of an accident)
  • CD/Mp3 player (so that you can play your favourite songs without having to listen to the boring radio)

Get the idea?

A huge part of the benefit-led headline is that keep your prospect in mind.

The best way to do this is through the WIIFM principle.

That stands for “What’s in it For Me?”

If the prospect can’t quickly identify the benefit to them and why they should click your advert, you’ll lose them.

It’s one of the biggest problems I see, business owners who just talk about themselves with no thought for their customer/prospect.

4. Lead with Testimonial

Maybe your headline should lead with somebody saying amazing stuff about you?

For example, mine could be “I recommend Emma to all my clients.”

It’s instant positioning and authority and gives a “you’re missing out” impression.

Ensure it’s highly compelling and attracts attention and you’re onto a winner.

Leading with the benefits of your product instantly make it clear to the reader how it will help them.

Really hope that was helpful, if you’ve got any feedback, leave it below 🙂

Until next week,
Emma x

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