Who's Emma Melhuish?

If you’re in the health and fitness industry and want to drastically grow your income, then you should apply for a call.

I help my clients create direct-response marketing systems that convert into sales, and then I help them scale by driving highly profitable Facebook traffic towards their business.

Between training, group coaching and my private consultancy, I help thousands of trainers, wellness professionals and experts across the globe, each year.

The question is, would you like to join them?

So, let’s take this back as I explain how I’ve ended up in this position.

Back as a teenager, I spent most of my days battling with an eating disorder – which meant that all I cared about was what I was eating.

I studied food a lot. What’s good, what’s bad.

This naturally took me to the University of Leeds where I studied BSc in Sport, Health, Exercise and Nutrition, which resulted in most of my friends (and the people I shared my student accommodation with) aspiring to be leading personal trainers or work in the wellness industry.

Add to that, whilst I was at University, I spent much of my free time working in the local gym as a personal trainer; so I got to understand the industry, how things worked and the standard client acquisition process.

After graduating, I moved into a number of jobs working on some new and exciting projects including the Children’s Food Trust (Jamie Oliver’s rage against school meals) as their youngest ever Senior Marketing Manager.

Plus I worked with brands like Disney, Charlie & Lolo and Hollyoaks to build 27 School FEAST Training Centre’s.

It was all going splendid; that was until we arranged a University catch-up night.

I met with my old friends and housemates for a night out in Bristol.

All of them were now personal trainers, a couple working for gyms and the rest self-employed.

I was expecting the self-employed ones to be bouncing off the walls, living brilliant lifestyles with loads of money.

But instead, they were really struggling.

They had hardly any clients; their clients were buying on price and they were absolutely broke.

This was interesting.

I had studied Sport, Health, Exercise and Nutrition and really got to understand the fitness industry in University, and since graduating I had been heavily involved in marketing.

Surely, if I put them two together, I could really help people.

One month later, I had left my job, and I started my own marketing business.

The rest, well, that’s history.

I’m now fortunate enough to work with the biggest names in the industry; I get to work on campaigns that generate hundreds of thousands of dollars and I help some awesome people live amazing lifestyles.

(You’ll also be happy to hear that I still keep in touch with my old housemates, and they’re all running incredibly successful training businesses).

To see how I can help you, and then just click the button below.

Really looking forward to speaking to you x

Would You Like My Help?
Peter McGrath

"Emma Is A Pure Inspiration" Working alongside Emma, I was immediately taken by her passion, enthusiasm and dedication, not only to do the very best that she could at all times, but by the way Emma gave time to others and was able to deliver excellent results against her objectives. Emma is not only creative but a pure inspiration. Putting it simply I can’t think of many other professionals that I have had the pleasure of working with more and can only say that I am sure that Emma and whoever works with her will be successful

Peter McGrath, Taylor Shaw (previous Children's Food Trust)