My Thoughts On Forbes “Six Ways to Blow Up Your Business With Facebook Ads”

Now, as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been a little quiet lately.

This is my first blog post since February.

If you follow me on Facebook, then you’ll know that the reason for this is because I’m currently nine months pregnant (due today in fact!)– here’s a recent pic:


But aside from that, I’ve been working very closely with marketing genius Ben Simkin.

If you’re not familiar with Ben, he runs from Queensland and has helped Australian companies increase their sales by over $1,485,000,000 (Yep – nearly 1.5 billion dollars).

He’s generated over $1 billion in revenue using Facebook advertising – so as you can imagine, he’s one of the real thought-leaders of the industry.

The experts to the experts, so to speak.

Now recently, Ben contributed to an article for Forbes called ‘Six Ways To Blow Up Your Business With Facebook Ads’ 

It’s a hugely informative article and I wanted to share the six points, give you my opinion on them and link you to the article.

So, without further ado – let’s get stuck in.

The first point that the article shares is:

“Have a Strategy.”

This is always the biggest problem that most small business and Fitpreneurs have – they’re sold on using Facebook advertising rather than understanding the reasons for using it.

Essentially, it’s like hiring a Taxi, getting in it and then being unsure where to go.

You’ve got to know what your marketing funnel looks like, work it backwards and understand how Facebook fits into the equation.

For example – if you’ve built out your marketing funnel/strategy and you work it backwards – then your numbers should make themselves clear.

You’ll know how much you can spend to acquire a customer, how many of your leads need to convert at what stages and how strong your ROI is.

Strategy is everything with Facebook Advertising.

A brilliant strategy with terrible advertising will always outperform a non-existent strategy with great advertising.

The second point that the article made was:

“Use a Formula.”

In this section, Ben shares his “Target-Offer-Message” formula to ensure that you’re targeting the right marketing with the right offer.

As he says “When we spend $500,000 on Facebook Ads in a 6-8 week campaign, we need to come out the other end with significant profit.” 

Know that you having a proven formula is everything.

This might sound simple – you wouldn’t target a retirement community with an advert for running shoes – but so many advertisers overlook this simple formula and get their fundamentals all wrong.

The third point that the article mentions is:

“Make Sure You Focus On Targeting.”


Targeting is everything when it comes to Facebook advertising.

Ben makes some brilliant points in this section of the article, he says that most advertisers don’t give thought to their targeting and just go with an assumption.

“We sell running gear so we’ll target runners.”

But that’s strictly not the case.

Ben mentions that his team studies the target market for 2-4 hours before even beginning to build their campaign.

His team are looking to get deep into the beliefs, values, interests and lifestyles of their targets.

This is one of the things that I love about Ben, he doesn’t leave a single stone unturned and neither should you.

If you’re just jumping in and building your campaign with no second thought for your targeting, then you’re missing out – research is everything!

Point four of the article reads:

“Tailor Your Ads to Fit Your Target Market.”

This part of the article is all about audience definition.

What I mean by this is the little box that appears when you’re creating your adverts that shows you how many people your advert is going to reach.

For example …

If you’re targeting people between 20-40 years old in the UK that are single, then you’re going to have a massive target audience – millions upon millions of people.

That might sound good and look cool – but it’s not.

You want to niche your audience down to match your ideal customers – stick interests, behaviours or education in.

You want to niche the audience down to ideally 5,000 to 15,000 people.

As the article perfectly says:

“While it doesn’t sound as exciting as reaching 186,000,000 people, you are now targeting the right people who are most likely to buy or take action on your offer.”

The fifth point of the article is something I’ve been banging on about for a while – in fact, I even created a blog post about it.

“Write Great Copy.”

Even if you’re targeting is perfect and you’re reaching the right audience with the right product – you must not overlook your copy.

Great copy is the difference between good and incredible.

Your adverts headline is essential, it will get “scrollers” attention and in a mill-second, they’ll decide whether to read your advert or ignore it.

So PLEASE do not try to be overly creative and fancy – you’re not writing a play-on-words tabloid headline – you need to be straight to the point & clear.

Your text body should be the same.

More information about your offer and a call-to-action (above the fold).

Then the final point is:

“Don’t Forget About Split-Testing.”

Oh yes.

As the article mentions, if you launch your ad and thing the work is over – then you’re mistaken.

Split testing is essential.

I always start by setting up a variation of ad images, I give them all around 150 clicks before looking at the stats and deciding which is the most effective – I then move onto the headline and do the same.

I then continue with this process through every little detail of the advert until I have an almighty advert.

Ben also makes a great point – “he recommends not pulling the plug on an ad too soon if you don’t see immediate results. He believes the goal is to not give up too early when split testing, and to give it time.”


I found this to be a highly informative article from one of the best in the world.

I’m currently part of Ben’s Facebook Mastermind for the second year running.

Now, as you’ll understand, I might be a little quieter over the coming months – I’ve got the imminent arrival of my little boy and I’m working behind-the-scenes with Ben to “hit it hard” upon my return.

Here’s a link to the original article (well worth reading):

Thanks for reading.


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