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This is a really quick blog to announce some exciting, yet interesting news.

This week, Facebook announced that they will be revamping both their Ad Manager and Power Editor platforms, with the intention of making them simpler and easier to use.

According to them, we’ll be able to create, optimise and monitor ad campaigns easier than ever before.

I’m going to quickly go through the big changes that are happening to each, then I’m going to share my opinion on what these changes mean for you and me.

Let’s get stuck in.

Ad Manager

If you’re not sure what Ad Manager is, first good – you should always be using Power Editor, but just so we’re on the same page – it’s the basic Facebook ad creator.

With the new changes, the complete layout is set to be streamlined bringing performance stats to the forefront – allowing marketers to track and understand the metrics with ease.

They’re also finally moving over the option to edit and duplicate adverts, which has been a Power Editor feature for the last 12 months.


Power Editor 

Facebook describe Power Editor as “for large businesses” – it’s where all the advanced tools sit.

Now, I personally like the current set-up, the only potential fault is that it can sometimes feel cluttered and confusing.

Facebook are planning on revamping the layout to make it clean and easier to use.

Giving us more space for editing ads, viewing campaign information and working through ads/ad sets/campaigns.


What do I think about these changes?

Well, it’s certainly interesting.

The benefits are that it’s going to allow us (as marketers) to create more high-quality adverts, track our results with ease and deal with much less stress/confusion.

The downside is that it’s becoming more and more easy to use, which will attract terrible marketers and dabblers.

They’ll piss off audiences, potentially squeeze a few spammy ads through and may water-down the gold that we’re currently experiencing.

However, if Facebook moderators continue to be strict, stick to their guidelines and reward the good marketers, then I reckon we’ll be just fine.

When it’s all rolled out and live, this will be a hot topic that I’ll be blogging about regularly.

Until next week x

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