"21 Applications in just 72 hours"

"Before working with Emma, I wasn't really sure what I was doing with Facebook ads and I was really struggling to get any kind of results through Facebook.

Fast forward 72 hours (after working with Emma) and I've had 42 new email addresses on my list and 21 applications for one of my high-ticket body transformation session, all for just £60!"

"1800 new people on my email list"

"I absolutely HATE numbers, which in the past has made me shy away from Facebook advertising - whenever I have advertised on Facebook, I've never really been sure whether whether or not my efforts have even worked!

Since working with Emma, everything has changed. She has helped me add over 1800 new people to my email list, an extra 48 continuity-members and 85 tripwires sales that instantly recouped my ad spend!"

"Mind-blowing ROI"

"Any idiot can throw an ad up on Facebook… but understanding how to get incredible results from Facebook Ads is like alchemy.

There’s only a few people in the internet marketing world who really ‘get it’ and know how to harness the power of Facebook Ads. I’m fortunate to know one of them. When I want the last word on Facebook or need help with one of the many obstacles Zuckerberg likes to throw in our way as marketers, there’s only one expert I trust and that’s Emma.

For me, she’s the hands-down, go-to gal for all things FB, having proved time and again she can get staggering results and mind-blowing ROI for her clients. If you want to ‘have a go’ at Facebook, toddle off to any of the so-called ‘gurus’ and best of luck; if you want to properly master Facebook and enjoy all the spoils a beautifully-optimised, cash-sucking campaign brings, call Emma now."

"2000 leads, each worth £1400"

"I am always reluctant to consult with others on growing my business largely because 95% of the people promoting such programs and consultancy have never run a successful business, or are not really a master of it, they just like to talk about it and inadvertently end up knowing more than the person looking! However after being recommended to Emma from a trusted friend I took the plunge confident that Emma had knowledge that my business needed.

Emma took myself and one of my staff through targeted Facebook advertising and supported us as we learnt the ropes, both 1-2-1, via screen share, and with the support of her Facebook training program.

She was there for us, helped us, spelled things out when we were being technotards, and easily explained things. We are working on mastering the platform, but working with Emma gave us the opportunity to get 2000 leads with £1200 spent on our 1st 'go', each lead being of £1400 value. I am now confident that we 100% have the tools to successfully convert through Facebook to our target audience. Money well spent and I would highly recommend Emma’s services and programs."

"Doubled my results in minutes"

"Emma's the only Facebook ads person that I know, that's also a funnel ninja - she's one of the brightest online marketers that I know and she's helped me time and time again make the simplest of tweaks to my adverts/funnel that have gone on to generate huge conversion increases.

She has the skill to quickly look at a campaign and dissect the problems, helping your effortlessly increase your conversion - she took a campaign of mine that I thought was performing at it's peak and doubled it's results in a few minutes.

A true expert!"

"Whoever Works With Emma Will Be Successful"

Working alongside Emma, I was immediately taken by her passion, enthusiasm and dedication, not only to do the very best that she could at all times, but by the way Emma gave time to others and was able to deliver excellent results against her objectives.

Emma is not only creative but a pure inspiration. Putting it simply I can’t think of many other professionals that I have had the pleasure of working with more and can only say that I am sure that whoever works with Emma will be successful.

"How Can Emma Help Me?"