The Simple Proven Two-Step Facebook Advertising Strategy

Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes.

As Facebook make it easier and easier for complete FB advertising novices to run ads – I see the same mistakes happening more and more.

The key one is people selling directly through Facebook.

They have adverts that are basically pointing towards a sales page or order form.


Let me tell you …

It’s bloody hard to sell to a cold audience directly through Facebook.

It’s not impossible – far from it.

But there are much better, more proven methods.

Why doesn’t it work?

Because users aren’t on Facebook to shop, they’re having a chat, catching up with friends, watching that guy do a bomb into the frozen pool for the thousandth time!

They’re in relaxation mode.

There have been circumstances where selling cold has worked, a recent one was with a UK direct mail specialist.

He was selling a £97.00 online workshop with a video that was uploaded straight to Facebook.

He made sales, but do you know how much it cost him in ad spend to make a sale?


Every time he sold a place on the workshop, he lost money.

However – he made his money from up selling consulting on the back of the workshop – so it worked perfectly for him.

So, would you like me to share the proven strategy with you?

The one I highly suggest that all my clients use?

Okay – it’s actually really simple.

Firstly, you identify your audience and find out exactly what they need – what itch do they need scratching, so to speak.

Once you’ve done this, you put a high-value content article together that identifies their big problem and offers them help.

It’s important that this step is super high value – it needs to be first class so that the visitor reads it and immediately gets immense value from it.

Drive an advert to that article focussing on clicks and get as many of your audience reading that article as possible.

You then retarget another advert at the people that have visited/read your article.

Retargeting is relatively straight forward to set up on Facebook.

You add your custom audience pixel code (provided by Facebook) between the header tags of your website and/or landing page and then set up a new custom audience (in the ‘audiences’ part of your ads manager) by simply inserting the URL of the page you’d like to remarket from – which would be the high-value content page.

Then simply drop the code that Facebook will supply you with onto your website and hey presto!

Facebook will then start building an audience of people that have visited your content.

You then set up a new advert, targeted at this audience of people which links to your lead-bait.

Whether that’s a video-course, a report, checklist etc.

The key is turning the cold visitors into a warm audience and then remarketing to them to get them on your list.

You then simply provide value and sell them stuff that will help them through emails/direct mail/more adverts etc.

This is a topic that I could talk about all day – but since it’s so simple, I don’t want to bore you with the tiny details.

I’ll leave you with that, the most proven Facebook ad strategy for winning new leads and getting red hot prospects reading your sales emails.

Until next week,
Emma x

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  • Phil

    Reply Reply September 17, 2015

    Great info here!
    Taking my first steps to put this into action.
    To create my high-value content I’ve been researching on Buzzsumo to find out the kind of content has done well for others in the past and ‘borrow’ their ideas. Does that sound a sensible approach?

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