Three Marketing Funnels You Can Use In Your Fitness Business

Facebook Advertising is useless; it’s a waste of money and won’t win you a single new client.


You have a well thought out system that’s designed to turn cold prospects into customers through a combination of marketing messages and opportunities.

A Funnel.

Now, a “marketing funnel” has become a buzzword within the marketing industry.

Truth be told, every business has a funnel within their business in some way or other.

Whether that’s called a “sales process”, “sales pipeline” or just a blind way of following up with enquiries.

Anything that turns cold prospects into customers.

In this blog post, I’m going to explain three different types of marketing funnels that you can use in your fitness business to attract more clients.

I’m not going to dive to deep into the details but I want to give you the mechanics, so you understand how and why it works so effectively.

Funnel One: Acquisition Funnel 

What’s the aim?

An acquisition funnel is designed to attract as many new prospects and customers at break even, as possible.

This generally works through offering a lead-bait or some form of free information that the prospect can claim in exchange of their contact details.

Most commonly, this is in the form of a report/eBook or a free guide.

The prospect visits a web page (called an opt-in page), on the page you offer them a copy of a free guide in exchange for their name & email address.

This probably sounds familiar as it’s the “bread & butter” of the online marketing world and no doubt you’ve claimed your fair share of freebies in exchange for your contact info.

(If you’re reading this after click-through from my email, then you must have).

After the prospect enters their name & email address, you then take them to a new page where you sell them a low-cost item.

This is a one-time offer (sometimes referred to as a tripwire) and the prospect can take it or leave it.

Most commonly, this costs between the £5.00 – £10.00 mark and is something of high-perceived value that is congruent with the offer on the opt in page.

The aim of selling the prospect something at this stage is to simply re-coup your ad spend.

The money you spend on Facebook adverts to drive them to your opt-in page.

The plan is to break-even at this stage which will allow you to drive more and more leads into your funnel without having to shell out any of your own money – allowing you to scale your marketing and reach more people.

Once the prospect is past this stage, you can then start to advertise your core offer to them (through both email marketing and Facebook Ad retargeting), whether that’s your one-to-one training or maybe an upcoming bootcamp.

This funnel is great for acquiring new leads and growing your list.

However, if you’re looking to monazite your leads and customers, then there’s a much better option.

Funnel Two: The Activation Funnel

What’s the aim?

An Activation funnel is designed to convert as many inactivate prospects into customers.

What I mean by this is a person that has reached out to you in the past, perhaps they joined your list/been on your mailing list but are yet to make a purchase from you.

How does this work?

Well it’s very similar to the Acquisition funnel, but we’re removing the first opt-in step, as we already have the prospects contact information.

In order to make this work, you need to run a short-term seven-day discount on one of your services/products.

Whether that’s a workout guide, a diet plan or a video-course.

But it has to have a high perceived value and be known to be sold for a set fee.

You then drive prospects to a sales page via an email campaign/Facebook Ad retargeting that offers your service/product for a low amount for a seven-day period.

This seven-day offer is likely to activate a lot of your existing prospects and generate the first sale.

Funnel Three: The Monetization Funnel

What’s the Aim?

To turn them into a customer.

There are numerous different styles of funnels that you can use at this stage, but they all have the same goal…

To turn your prospects into customers. (one of the world’s leading funnel experts, in my opinion) recently shared their most effective funnel for this Monetization stage.

They simply drive their prospects to a page on their website that asks them “Do You Need Help Building Your Sales Funnel?” so for you it could be “Do You Still Want My Help To Lose X Pounds?.”

It simply had an opt-in form below that asked for their email address.

Once the prospect filled that information in, they were then presented with a video that offered them a service, pushing them to either make a purchase on the spot or apply for an application call.

Essentially the Monetization funnel is “calling out” your prospect to see if they are still interested in your service/product they initially showed interest in. It is simply reminding them why they became your prospect in the first place and giving them a friendly push to take the next step.


These three funnels you can use in your fitness business that are dependent on where your prospects currently sit; cold, inactive or warm lead.

If you’d like help building your funnel to drive hot leads into your fitness business and turn them into clients, then reach out so we can have a chat.

All you have to do is apply at:

We’ll organise a call so we can discuss your business, your goals and if we’re a good fit, exactly how we can help.

Hope that’s helpful, chat next week!

Emma x

Disclaimer: The content/inspiration for this blog post came from the excellent post by Richard Linder from Digital Marketer (


  • Phil

    Reply Reply September 10, 2015

    Thanks for smashing some of the ‘funnel’ jargon. So simple when you put it like that.

    • Emma

      Reply Reply September 11, 2015

      Thanks Phil – there is so much jargon out there that makes things sounds far more complicated than they need to be! Glad it helped

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