What Facebook Are Teaching Business Owners [Insider Knowledge]

This week, Facebook held one of their ‘Facebook Small Business Boost’ event that took place in Austin, Texas.

Basically, they’re holding two-hour presentations where they teach small business owners how to get the most from their advertising efforts – with very basic content.

They cover page management, post engagement and adverts – so as you can imagine, I’m naturally intrigued to hear what’s being discussed.

Luckily, the guys at Social Media Ad Genius (who are well worth checking out) attended the event and reported their findings.

This week’s blog post is a mix of what Facebook were saying about paid advertising at the presentation, mixed with my views = to give you some good ol’ Facebook insiders cocktail.

Let’s dive in.

Facebook started of by announcing to the group that average users check their news feed approximately 14 times per day, and that Facebook’s aim is to make all news feed content incredibly relevant to the user, ensuring that come back more and more.

So bad news is if you consider yourself to have a Facebook addiction, they’re planning on turning the heat up.

With Facebook’s plans to make news feed content more and more relevant, it results in small business owners adverts being a problem, and that’s one of the reasons they’ve brought in the ‘relevance score’ that we recently discussed.

There’s two main ways to be classed as ‘relevant’:

  1. Ensure your adverts aren’t spammy or over-salesy
  2. Laser-target your audience – don’t go to a big general list

Facebook then went on to discuss ways to find new customers, whilst playing to the rules and ensuring that you’re ‘relevant’.

It seemed that ‘relevant’ was the key word.

They’re focus is providing the user experience, not being know as the place where you get bombarded with adverts.

Remember, Facebook needs to be “cool”.

Create Your Avatar

This goes back to simple marketing, who is your dream customer?

Paint a picture of them: what do they like? Where do they shop? What gets them excited? You get the idea, right?

This is all aimed at laser-targeting your target audience and being … you guessed it … relevant!

Take advantage of the different targeting options

It’s all pretty simple stuff, they were discussing things like:

Location – target people from towns, counties, locations, communities etc.

Demographics target people based on things like age, gender, education, marital status.

Interests – target people based on what they like doing, their hobbies and their pastimes.

Behaviours – target people based on their habits, the way they shop, the devices they use and how often they purchase online

Connections – target people based on whether or not they’re connected to your page.

The Facebook ad fundamentals.

But it seems, with this basic “newbie” training, everything is based around relevancy – because they didn’t cover the actual “doing” at any point – they were laying down the foundations to make sure that the class of business owners knew up front that ‘targeting’ is everything.

They did go on to discuss a few other topics.

Custom Audiences

If you’re not familiar with a Custom Audience, it gives you the ability to upload your customers contact details (email, phone number, UIDs) into Facebook and then target them directly with an advert.

Facebook covered this, being clear that it was all about “customer details” and the importance of having permission.

They then started to discuss…

Lookalike Audience

A lookalike audience is where you can ask Facebook to find a group of familiar people to one of your current audiences.

For example, you could upload your customer list into Facebook, and then use the ‘Lookalike audience’ feature to find a group of people with similar interests, behaviours etc.

Powerful stuff when you utilise it right.

They then finished on…

Conversion Tracking

They explained that you can set up a pixel on your ‘thank you’ page so that you can accurately track how many people have converted from your Facebook advert – making it easy to track its success and your cost-per-lead.


It was rather simple training at a basic level, but it’s interesting because they’re strong pushing the relevance aspect, as they know it’s key for getting the balance right.

It keeps users happy who are scrolling their news feeds and it ensures that your adverts are being served to the right people.


They did mention this part though …

One of the most impressive parts of the training came at the end, when Facebook revealed some crazy stats.

If you’re one of those people that don’t think your customers are on Facebook, think again.

  • Facebook has 1 billion registered users
  • Average Internet user spends 40% of their online time on the News Feed
  • Average Facebook user spend 6 hours per month on the network
  • Average user checks their news feed 14 times per day
  • 2 billion posts are made each day
  • 12 million daily users
  • 1 billion searches performed daily within the platform
  • 113 million check-ins every month
  • 13 million local business Pages
  • Facebook fans are 2 times more likely to become customers
  • 3 million Page owners have downloaded the Pages Manager mobile app
  • 150 million people finding and connecting to businesses on Facebook daily
  • 680 million people log in to Facebook mobile at least once per month

(See more at: http://blog.socialmediaadgenius.com/facebook-business-tips/#sthash.xjAxqsDV.dpuf)

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